PersonalLeadership Values


Honesty,integrity, self-respect, wisdom, and flexibility are a cornerstone ofmy approach to leadership. Values are the governing principles in ourdaily activities. Leadership takes place within the context ofindividual values (Kraemer, 2015).


Honesty is themost valuable leadership quality because it forms the gateway forinspiration and trust for many employees. For example, according toKraemer (2015), organizations in which employees believe that theirseniors follow their word and fulfill promises and commitments, arelikely to be more productive than teams whose managers score low inhonesty.


A leader withhigh standards of integrity possesses the sense of what is right orwrong. Regardless of any circumstances or consequences, such a leadersupports what is right over what is wrong. For example, leaders withthe ability to settle on the right have the moral courage to solveworkplace conflicts than those that lack this value.


A respectfulleader respects not only him or herself, but also respects otherpeople in spite of their differences. Respect in leadership involvesa leader treating his or her juniors with compassion, dignity, aswell as empathy (Kraemer, 2015). Consequently, such a leader earnsthe respect of his or her juniors, and such mutual respect ensuressmooth flow of work, which in the long run increases productivity.


A leader with the value of wisdom has the ability to understand thedynamics of his or her followers. When making any decisions, such aleader balances the concerns of all the stakeholders. Effectivedecision making produces satisfactory results that accordinglyincreases an organization`s productivity.


Kraemer (2015) observed that when faced with various tasks, flexibleleaders have the potential to adjust their plans to be on a par withthe real situation. For example, a leader competent in this valueaccepts change, can work with all types of people, and also is opento fresh proposals.


Kraemer, H. M.(2015). Becoming the Best: Build a World-Class Organizationthrough Values- Based Leadership. New York, NY: John Wiley &ampSons.