EvidenceBased Practice

What is next for me after taking this course? How has the coursechanged my thinking about nursing research and evidence-basedpractice? What future challenges do I anticipate and how do I plan toovercome them? These are some of the questions that I intend toprovide response for in this paper.

Having learned of the best nursing research methods and gainedconsiderable knowledge in evidence-based practice, I intend toutilize these skills in practicing nursing. I may join the nursingprofession or the nursing research profession. I have not restrictedmyself to either of the two.

Before taking this course, I thought nursing research andevidence-based practice referred to one and the same thing (Hall &ampRoussel, 2012). The difference between the two was not as clear as itis today. This has changed my thinking to the extent that I canclearly distinguish between them.

The main challenge that I anticipate is the lack of ample time toconduct evidence-based practice. In spite of my possession of skills,research is one of the most time-consuming functions in anorganization. The situation becomes worse when the time-consumingpractice is integrated with an emergency-based practice nursing.Another main challenge is that some organizational practices fail tocompliment evidence-based practice.

To overcome the challenge of lack of ample time, I would recommend tothe management that nurses are given specialized responsibilities.For instance, nursing conducting research should not be givenresponsibilities to provide services to patients. They should beencouraged to work in teams to ensure that evidence-based practiceand nursing research does not influence timeliness of nursingservices (Grove, Burns &amp Gray, 2014). Likewise, I would provideadvice to the management on how to develop policies that complementevidence-based practice.

To sum up, there was so much to learn from the course. The course haschanged my thinking in as far as evidence-based practice and nursingresearch is concerned. The main challenges, as well as ways throughwhich I would overcome them, have been briefly discussed in thispaper.


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