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Marketing is an essential element among businesses. It allows firmsto create awareness about their products among target consumers.Companies also get to boost the sales of their goods and services.Besides, they also get to build brand loyalty and position theirbusiness in the industry. Tobacco is one product where people havedifferent opinions regarding its advertising. Research conducted byhealth department indicates a high correlation between the effects ofthe promotions on the deteriorating health of individuals (Arora &ampGaurang 868). The results of the studies and increased campaign bythe World Health Organization have led some countries to implement alegislation banning the marketing of tobacco through the media. Allnations across the world should enforce the ban on tobaccoadvertising to protect the young people from engaging in smoking andreduce the product consumption.

Drug abuse among the young people has recently been on the increase.Tobacco has been listed among the most abused and addictivesubstances in the world (Arora &amp Gaurang 867). One of the ways inwhich the young people are learning about tobacco is through themedia. The technological advancement has enhanced marketing throughonline and social media platforms. The teenagers are also spendingmost of their time on their smartphones, which makes them easytargets. The tobacco company staffs are posing as consumers, and theybegin posting convincing and false information to the innocent youthsabout their products. The young people who show interest try out theproducts and within no time they become dependent on the drugs. Thetactic improves the sale of tobacco, but it is putting the lives ofthe teenagers at risk (Arora &amp Gaurang 868). Therefore, countriesneed to implement the ban on tobacco advertising across the variousplatforms to protect the youth.

Marketing indeed encourages consumption. When the tobacco companiesengage in advertising, promotion, and sponsorship of their products,the number of consumers increases (Arora &amp Gaurang 867). The useof tobacco contributes to the death of at least 50% of its users whocontract diseases such as cancer and chronic respiratory diseases.The mortality can be prevented and also prevent the next generationfrom becoming nicotine addicts. Out of the countries that haveimplemented the complete ban or the minimal restrictions on tobaccoadvertising, are recording a reduced number of users (Arora &ampGaurang 869). The tobacco industry is becoming more aggressive as ittries to ensure it meets its sales targets. However, the governmenthas a responsibility of ensuring that its citizens maintain goodhealth status. Hence, one of the most significant measures that canbe adopted to reduce consumption of nicotine is enforcing the ban ontobacco advertising.

In conclusion, marketing positively influences the company bycreating awareness about the products and services. Industriesproduce different kinds of goods that may have various impacts on thelives of individuals. For instance, cigarettes encourage the use ofnicotine which eventually leads to addiction. Tobacco advertising wasassociated with increased health risks among the users and resultedin its ban among some countries. The restriction needs to be appliedacross the world because it helps in preventing the young people fromsmoking. It also reduces the consumption of tobacco among thecitizens, which contributes to a healthy nation. Therefore, eventhough income from tobacco may contribute to the economic growth of acountry, the health of the people needs to come first.

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